I UK [tʃek] / US verb
Word forms "check":
present tense I/you/we/they check he/she/it checks present participle checking past tense checked past participle checked
1) check or check over
[transitive] to examine something in order to find out whether it is how it should be

Always check your spelling.

He checked the contents of the package carefully.

The official checked our passports.

Would you check the tyres for me?

have something checked:

You should have your sight checked regularly.

a) [intransitive/transitive] to examine someone or something in order to find out if something is present

Have you checked your email?

check something for something:

I checked the car for signs of damage.

check for:

The doctor checked for a pulse.

b) [intransitive/transitive] to look at writing or pictures in order to get information about something

Check the label before you put that shirt in the wash.

check something for something:

Check our website for details of our special offers.

check through:

She checked through her notes for his address.

2) [intransitive/transitive] to make certain of something, for example by looking at the information again or by asking someone

I think he's gone home – I'll just check.

I'll check the dates.

check with:

For further information, check with your local tax office.

check that:

Before starting, check that you have everything you need.

check if/whether:

Could you please check whether a package has arrived for me?

check to see if:

He checked to see if Gail was still there.

it is wise to check something/it is worth checking something:

It would be wise to check the availability of seats before going to the concert.

a) [transitive] to stop yourself or someone else from doing something

Paul was about to answer but checked himself when he saw Julie's expression.

b) to stop something bad from happening or getting worse

They are taking measures to check the spread of the disease.

4) check or check in
[transitive] to give your bags and cases to an official at an airport so that they can be put on a plane

How many bags do you have to check?

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [tʃek] / US noun
Word forms "check":
singular check plural checks
1) [countable] an examination of something to find out whether it is as it should be
check for:

a check for spelling errors

check on:

They do routine checks on the condition of the planes.

make a check:

He made a final check of the doors to be sure they were locked.

do a check:

They'll be doing a sound check before the concert.

a) an examination of someone to find out whether they are healthy
check for:

a routine check for skin cancer

b) an examination by the police, army etc of an area, or people or vehicles passing through an area, in order to be certain that there is no danger or illegal activity

Airport police confirmed that the courier had managed to pass through the security check.

check on:

They run a police check on all applicants for a gun licence.


Adjectives frequently used with check
▪  final, random, regular, routine, stringent, thorough
2) [countable] something that controls another thing and stops it from becoming worse, too powerful etc
check on:

Economic forces act as a check on political power.

3) [countable/uncountable] a pattern of squares, usually of two colours

a sheet with red and white checks

He was wearing a check shirt.

4) [uncountable] the position of the king in the game of chess when it is threatened by another piece
5) [countable] American the bill in a restaurant

How much is the check?

6) the American spelling of cheque
7) [countable] American a tick for showing that something is correct

keep/hold someone/something in check — to control someone or something that might cause damage or harm

attempts to hold global warming in check

English dictionary. 2014.

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